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Anna is an incredible chart reader and she brings so many fascinating and poignant elements in your chart into sharp perspective. I'd never had a chart reading, and frankly am a bit ambivalent towards astrology as a whole, and this was an amazing hour that brought some surprising insights into my life. 


Anna came to my reading with an energy that made me feel immediately more alive. Her passion for what she does is so evident, thru her preparation, execution & follow-up! I had never had an astrological reading before & had so much fun with Anna. I learned so much that I could take with me. Thank you Anna!!


This session blew me away! It was so supportive and more than just a general overview of my chart. You speak with so much passion, heart, and enthusiasm which made the session feel so intimate. Your depth and insights were beautifully poetic. I’ve left feeling more grounded and with clarity. Thank you so much 🤍


Anna did a synastry reading for me and my boyfriend and it exceeded every expectation we could have had!! Anna’s energy is infectious and her knowledge is unmatched. The analogies she made and imagery she painted made everything easy to understand, and also… she’s funny!!!
What a bonus!

My partner and I felt so connected after and inspired by all the cool insight. I can’t recommend a reading with her enough!


My reading with Anna exceeded my expectations!

It felt so good to be able to understand the things that have been happening in my life as directly related to what's happening in the sky. She walked me through my season of life, what the energies are and how I can use them to my advantage. It was clear, and she made sure to explain everything and answer all my questions. I could really tell that Anna cared and wanted the experience to serve me well.


My reading with Anna was amazing! She made me feel so seen, and has a great way of translating a chart into understandable, actionable insights. If you're curious to learn how you can work with your chart to feel aligned and most like you, then I highly recommend a session with her!

- kelsey

Walking away from our session, I felt a renewed sense of confidence and trust in myself. Anna's grounded presentation style mirrored her own comforting energy, creating a safe space where I could openly explore the revelations from my reading. It was a transformative experience that left me feeling refreshed, excited, and more aligned with my own journey.

I highly recommend Anna for anyone seeking not just an astrologer, but a dedicated guide who brings genuine passion and care to the cosmic exploration. 

- riley