Astrology teaches us that we are all on our own timeline. Once we begin to understand that we are constantly in periods of ebbs and flows, growth and release, death and birth, then we start to find life in cosmic alignment. 

Through her 1:1 astrology readings, Anna compassionately guides you through the unique nuances and personal timing highlighted by your birth chart. 

how it works

Your birth chart is a snapshot of the planets and stars the moment you took your first breath. It is believed that the energy and movement of the cosmos are deeply tied to your life here on Earth. 

Through the study of your astrological birth chart, I help you find a new perspective on your soul's purpose and current phase of life. 

I use my intuition and advanced knowledge of astrological techniques to help you navigate the story of your birth chart in a way that feels practical and accessible.

why it works

Astrology is simply a tool. An ancient timing technique used to help us make sense of who we are and how much cosmic energy we have access to at any given moment. By learning the language of your unique astrology, you will start to... 

  • have more compassion for your ‘quirks’ or insecurities
  • learn how to harness your unique strengths
  • understand how to work with your current season of life based on the movement of the planets

let's dive in

client love 


I immediately felt more alive

Anna came to my reading with an energy that made me feel immediately more alive. Her passion for what she does is so evident, thru her preparation, execution & follow-up! I had never had an astrological reading before & had so much fun with Anna. I learned so much that I could take with me. Thank you Anna!!


this is your sign to say yes to you!

My time with Anna was so supportive and intuitive. Anna's playful and curious approach to astrology was inviting and affirmative. I felt it didn't matter how new I was to my chart, Anna was there to walk with me as we explored. In the past, I have felt quite intimidated to dive into astrology and Anna has a sweet and approachable method to meet people where they are at and open your eyes to the stars as they are placed in support of your unique expression.


anna has a beautiful gift and evident passion

She was excited to uncover so much but also took her time, carefully articulating the meanings behind everything while asking what resonated with me. I can't wait for my next reading with her and to pass along her services to friends and loved ones! 


we got to the roots of my past, present, and future. 

I am so appreciative of the time and energy Anna put into my astrological reading, she really did a deep dive and had so many things to ask and say about my chart. I particularly enjoyed Anna's conversational approach to our time together.


i feel inspired and excited

I really enjoyed my reading with Anna. I felt that she was extremely knowledgeable and professional in offering greater insight and perspective about my birth chart. I feel inspired and excited to put this refreshed understanding of myself into practice.

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