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Every Sunday, we gather to ponder the astrological themes for the week ahead and move together through a cosmic inspired yoga + meditation practice.

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guided meditation + visualization

a gentle yoga flow

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an astrological and lunar forecast

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Anna is a Brooklyn-based astrologer, yoga teacher, and cosmic alignment coach. She combines her passions of astrology, yoga, and meditation to provide practical ways for people to embody the cosmos. Anna's love for the moon has inspired her to focus her work on the nuances of lunar phases. Through this process, she helps her clients find sustainable growth and productivity in their personal and professional lives by tapping into a more connected cosmic rhythm. She is currently offering private astrology readings, lunar workshops, virtual yoga classes, and more. 
She created Cosmic Flow as a way to bring way for people to start a conversation with the cosmos, through the vessel of the body.
The very foundation of her practice is built on using astrology and movement as inspiration to expand our horizons here on Earth. Astrology is not only used to predict what could happen in the future. But it is quite literally a mirror that reflects our habits and subconscious patterns. 

HELLO, I'M anna!

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